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Sports on hold: Alvaro Bermudez's Story

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Have you thought about how people’s dreams have been put on hold ever since the Covid outbreak started? Today we are going to put the limelight on Alvaro Bermudez and how he has stopped playing his favorite sport, soccer since the pandemic began in March.

Alvaro started playing soccer when he was only 8 years old. He said that he wanted to play because he saw that all his friends were doing it, too, and that he instantly fell in love with the sport; he still loves it to this day.

With the virus outbreak that interrupted life as we knew it eight months ago, a lot of people left the country and Alvaro was one of them. His family decided to go to Miami, and Alvaro has had to put soccer on hold. He recently returned to Nicaragua but has not been able to return to practices because of all the Covid restrictions.

Despite the Coronavirus limitations, Alvaro’s goal is to win AASCA with the school and, after that, he aspires to play in a professional team. If he becomes a professional player, he would like to help out in the community while putting Nicaragua’s name on the map. So as soon as the pandemic is over, Alvaro will be the first one to be seen on the field, practicing his favorite sport in order to reach his dream. “Cualquier cosa que me proponga, lo puedo lograr,” he said confidently

Photo credit: The commonwealth

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