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Student Startups: Andrea and Karla talk business

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

In our school community, you would be surprised to learn that there are a lot of students who have their own businesses. Some of them include bakeries, bracelets, and summer programs. In this article, we’re going to take a look into Andrea Salazar’s and Karla Rosales’ businesses.

Andrea, currently a senior at the school, sells cookies. She says that ever since she was little she loved to be in the kitchen with her grandma, who was the one who taught her to love baking. In 2018, Andrea decided to start selling her cookies to collect money for AASCA so she could help her parents out financially.

That year, Andrea had to manage making 200 cookies per week, going to soccer practice, doing her school work, and having a social life all at the same time. Thanks to her business, though, Andrea’s time management skills have improved. Since the COVID outbreak, she says that she now has more spare time to manage her business.

Karla is also a senior at the school and she sells different kinds of desserts. She says that when she was little she was also inspired by everything her grandma cooked and she started to enjoy being in the kitchen. Her other teacher was her big sister. Karla says that she and Andrea, who are cousins, used to bake all the time together when they were little and they made little bake sales for their families.

When the political crisis broke out in 2018, Karla also had trouble going to AASCA so she decided to start this business so she could pay her own way and save money for university. Being a senior and having a business was hard at first since Karla had to send her applications, finish her schoolwork, and then start cooking. She now feels she got the hang of it.

Both girls agree that if you are starting a new business, you should not be afraid of having things go wrong; those experiences are the ones that make you learn more. They also say, that once you start you should not stop, even if it becomes hard or you see little results; if you don’t stop it means you are not giving up and you can always find ways to excel.

Karla's delicious carrot cake

Andrea's wonderful cookies

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