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The Concert from Hell

8 people die at a Travis Scott concert- who’s to blame?

Travis Scott is an American rapper; he is very famous and has many fans. Using his popularity, he decided to create a festival, the 2021 Astroworld Festival in Houston, headlining artists like Sza, Drake, Young Thug, etc. It took place from November 5 to 7 and over 45,000 people attended. On the first day, the chaos started.

Astroworld Festival 2021. Picture from

That night, while Travis was performing, people started passing out. Soon it became worse and several people died when a stampede of frenzied fans trampled over them.. According to people online, the crowd started chanting for Travis to stop the concert, and there is video proof that Travis did stop for a minute because he saw someone pass out. However, after he asked the crowd to help the person, he continued with the concert as if nothing had happened.

There is another video on Tiktok that shows how someone on Travis's team did say something along the lines of “someone died 5 songs ago.” If you listen carefully you can clearly hear those words, but Travis either didn't hear or ignored them. Kylie Jenner, Travis’s girlfriend, posted a video of the concert and an ambulance is seen in the background, but for some reason its presence wasn’t a good enough alert that something big was happening in the crowd. Click here to watch it yourself.

Travis Scott performing on stage on the first day of the festival. Picture from

I believe that Travis is at fault not for causing the deaths but for not stopping the show. I think he knew what was happening and decided to ignore it, so I think he is partly to blame. His security has more blame because they should’ve stopped what the crowd was doing. This is truly a devastating event and I hope that the families of the deceased fans find comfort in getting a degree of justice served.

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