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The CSA Soccer Superstar

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Andrés Mántica: Born to be an MVP


Andrés Mántica is an 11th grader and a former AASCA soccer MVP from CSA. He is a 17-year-old who has accomplished what many aspire to, which is why I decided to interview him for The CSA Times.

Andrés started playing soccer when he was only 3 years old. Ever since then, he fell in love with the game and practiced until he became a great player. This effort was paid off in 2019 when he won the AASCA MVP award.

He remembers that, before leaving Nicaragua for the tournament in Panama, he felt confident in his abilities. When asked how he felt before his first game, he responded, “When I got to the game I started feeling very nervous, but once I started playing I gained confidence after scoring a goal.” Andrés also mentioned that throughout the tournament he met lots of people and made new friendships. When the tournament hosts awarded him the MVP, he felt blessed and gave God all the credit for his success. His coach selected him as the MVP since he left everything he had on the court and was extremely disciplined in the practices.

Andrés mentioned that practices were extremely hard physically and mentally. He practiced for the whole first semester including the Christmas break to prepare for AASCA, which took place in February. He is the very definition of a hard worker who accomplishes the goals he proposes to himself.

Andy, as he is known in the school community, says his goal in life is to be a pro soccer player in the big European leagues. According to him, having talent doesn't mean anything if you don't put in hard work.

This is Andrés in one of the AASCA tournament

games in 2019.

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