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  • Rocío Tenorio

The Inside Out Experience

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This 2020 year brought the exciting addition of a school podcast. According to a recent survey I made, the most listened-to school podcast is “Inside Out”. I decided to interview the group of girls in charge and ask them to share with us a little about their experience with the making of the podcast.

According to them, one of the biggest issues was the WiFi connection between each of the members of the podcast and the fact that several times they either cursed or went off-topic. Of course, they had to cut those parts out!

Although a podcast is very hard to record, especially during COVID times, the members shared that it was a fun experience; it was like having casual conversations. It was never weird between the group because they knew each other.

One difficulty “Inside Out” had to go through was choosing their cover for the podcast. At first, it was really formal but over time they managed to merge all their ideas and form one cover page for the podcast. Although time was not in their favor, they still managed to create a great cover just in time.

One final thought the members shared with me was this: “We all agreed to talk about anecdotes from school because it truly is an important aspect of our lives that we will never forget. All of the stories talked about in the podcast are stories that shaped us and our school community. We also wanted listeners to be identified by what we spoke and show how the school can be a fun place. All the people that talk in the podcast are naturally talkative, outgoing, and have very good communication skills.”

So, what are you waiting for? Catch the latest episode of “Inside Out” today!

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