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The Keys to Music

Alfredo Celedón

Oh, dear Piano, speak to me, my old and traveled friend, give us music to excite us.

Let your jaws open; show me your white ivory keys that I long to finger.

Play us songs from years ago, from marvelous marches to wonderful waltzes;

Let your voice resonate and drown my home with tunes meant to linger.

Your strings bring to life splendid adventures from around the world!

Let your melodies engulf our ears and charm us.

Oh, dear Piano, allow your music to be heard,

For without music, what is there to define us?

You and I make for a dynamic duo:

I play your keys, and you produce the harmonies we wait for.

From Chopin, to Joplin, we can play any artist you may know.

Oh, dear Piano, where will your music take us now?

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