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The “New” Rules

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

After the bad comes the good

Our school has created some new rules. Some people say that these are not new rules, they are the old ones being reinforced. Either way, the majority of students in high school feel uncomfortable with these “new” rules. They feel like they are being oppressed.

Some of these news rules are: you cannot use your phone when you go to the bathroom, you cannot bring black tennis shoes when using the polo shirt, and you can only bring blue, white, or black socks.

Pedro Reyes advises you not to use your phone in class. Credits: Gabriel Castellon.

Pedro Reyes, a student from 10th grade said, “Honestly I think these new rules are unnecessary, especially the one that if they see you with your cellphone when we go to the bathroom they take it away. On the other hand, I think they are balancing up now that they opened the cafeteria and the cafetin.” That’s true. I'm thankful that the school opened the cafeteria and the cafetin but think that it’s extreme to take the phones away if you take them to the bathroom. It does feel like it’s a give-and-take situation.

Sophomores Valentina, Alejandra, and Silvana pose for a picture. Credits: Gabriel Castellon.

On the topic of the cafeteria, several 10th graders (pictured above) voiced their opinion. “I think it would be better if they continue serving lunch on the tables (packaged) and we go eat at the gym because doing the line to get lunch is massive. You don’t get any free time for lunch, all lunch you spend doing the line or eating.” That’s also true. A solution to the long lines needs to be devised, such as a longer lunch period, so that students don’t end up finishing their drinks when entering class; the last time that happened to me, the teacher made me throw my drink away.

In short, after the bad comes the good… but even the good can be made better.

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