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The perfect balance: Gaming and Academics

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Joaquin Zavala is one of the many students who chooses to spend his free time playing video games. Although there have been multiple studies about video games’ negative effects on students, this 9th grader is a great example of how one can balance academics with entertainment.

The effects of video games have been a topic of conversation for a while now. Multiple studies prove that certain video games can cause violence or abandonment of responsibilities. However, there have also been studies that prove how video games can exercise one’s mind. So which one is it: are video games good or bad?

While it is true that gaming can be beneficial in certain situations, gamers can become addicted and go on to experience detrimental effects. So how do you reach a balance?

Joaquin stated he usually plays video games “3 horas al día o lo más que pueda y el fin de semana juego entre 7:00 pm-1:00 am.” He also shared that he is only allowed to play when his grades are at 90% or above.

When properly balanced, video games and academics can actually work together. By having the incentive of playing only when his grades are high, Joaquín has managed to focus more on his school work and makes sure he gets the grades he needs.

So, don’t feel too guilty if you reward yourself with a few hours of gaming after a long day of school; as long as those grades are high!

Joaquin Zavala, 9th grader.

Photo: Joaquin Zavala

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