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The Real Me

By Karla Rosales

I’m the sweetest person you may know

But that could change slow

Everyone thinks that is the real me

But through time I flee

When I’m without my treatment

I have an excitement

That makes me fly like a bird

And that's when I’m heard

I pray to God asking for help

But I ask in what have I failed

Would it always be like that?

And how long would it last?

I’m the sweetest person you may know

It makes me act in a different way

But my sweetness would never go away.

Karla Rosales is a senior at St. Augustine Preparatory School. When not at school, Karla

can be found baking; she likes helping others, eating all kinds of desserts, and spending

time with her friends. She enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her nieces and nephews. Karla is president of the club Aproquen and a member of the soccer varsity team. When she graduates, she will study management.

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