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  • Monica Aguerri

Todos A Servir: School Campaign To Give Back To Others

What is “Todos A Servir”? Todos A Servir is a campaign that began in 2014, almost 6 years ago. This campaign was created for each grade to join as a whole class and serve the elderly, children, orphans, and other members of our community through small actions. Students and parents can gather food, clothes, and school supplies, and take them to a specific center or orphanage. In this activity, you put into practice our school mission, love with generosity, not just sharing material things, but also giving our time to serve others.

Sadly, we can’t go to any of these places right now, due to the pandemic. But the campaign has already started, always coinciding with the season of Lent in which the Church invites us to do small sacrifices and acts of charity. Ms. Milena Picasso, our Student Life Coordinator, sent all secondary students an email with the places that need help and the things they need.

I have very fond memories of our past Todos a Servir campaigns with my class. Once we went to a girls-only orphanage and took school supplies, clothes, and some food. We had a great time with the girls playing, reading them books, and dancing. That time, the boys went to a church to help the nuns clean and paint the walls. They brought the paint and the cleaning supplies themselves and spent the afternoon scouring the place and leaving it like brand new. Another time I remember we went to a rural public school and took some coloring books and crayons. I colored alongside a 5-year-old boy, who followed me all around and cried like 3 times; I held him until I made him laugh again.

This year we still have time to organize ourselves and help out in a new place. Or maybe we visit the same orphanage and say hello to the friends we made last year. Whatever we do, Todos a Servir is a chance we cannot miss to give back to others some of the many blessings we have been given. So let’s take advantage of the last few weeks we have left!

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