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UAM Cup Finalists

St. Augustine Wins First and Second Place

On June 2th the UAM Cup came to an end for both the male and female soccer teams. The girls played against the American Nicaraguan School while the boys took on UAM’s soccer team. They were all there to play for the championship title, and our teams were

The girls’ soccer match started at 3:00 pm and ended at around 4:10. The match was intense. Analucía Torres and Ana Lucía Jimenez were always taking the ball from the other team and running towards the goal, but they weren’t able to pass the defenders. Despite them losing, they still won 2nd place. It was shown on the field that not only did they play with their feet, but with their heart as well. Martina Schütze was injured while playing, but despite this she still cheered for her team while on the stretcher.

Despite the girls losing, they all had a smile on their faces. Photo taken by me.

After the girls’ match, came the boys’. St. Augustine had won their last match by a pinch since they won by penalties. They didn’t play badly, but they didn’t meet the standard in which they usually play. I didn’t know if it was because of the rain, or they had burned out, so the finals were what determined that.

The soccer teams pray before and after each match. Photo taken by me.

The problem was that they were going against UAM’s soccer team, them being in college. They had more experience, were taller, and stronger. Within less than the first 5 minutes, Alfonso Sandino had scored a goal. This made it clear that the only reason they played badly the previous game was because of the rain. Despite the obvious disadvantage, our team still won. This not only gave another trophy to the school, but showed a very valuable lesson: despite disadvantages and inconveniences, hard work can overcome it all.

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