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What’s for Lunch?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I don’t order the meals from school because they are not like last year’s. Last year was the best. I won't lie to you guys; the spaghetti from CSA is the best pasta I have ever had in all my life. It just tastes different. Then there’s the chicken tenders, the pupusas, the pizzas... all amazing, IMO.

Last year, you could just go to the cafeteria and buy lunch if you wanted to eat that day’s menu instead of having to buy the whole week. For example, Monday was spaghetti and Tuesday hamburguers; I just wanted to buy food on Monday but not Tuesday. And I could do that!

But Corona came, and it has really changed things. I have been watching what my classmates and friends eat over the last few weeks. Sometimes they complain about the food, saying, “It's salad again?” On the first day of school they had chicken tenders, but without fries; why though? I don’t know! Chicken tenders are supposed to be eaten with french fries, like last year!

The other day they just had salad, and it was salad in a small box (a really small one). I thought, that's not lunch! My brother would say it's just an entrée. I would not be full if I only ate a salad.

But I won’t say it tastes bad because, for starters, I am not eating it. Second, if last year’s food was divine, this year should taste good, too! All I’m saying is that this year's meal is not the best, judging by the amount and type of food they are serving. I hope this pandemic dies down soon so we can go back to eating warm, full meals, seated at the cafeteria tables next to our friends. Until then… we’ll have to adjust our appetites to the new Grab and Go meals.

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