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Dune Dune Dune

“If there’s ever a reason to go to a theater again, this is it.” - Taylor Antrim

Breaking news: The next best cinematic masterpiece that history has ever seen is only days away! It is also such a spectacular way to spend your Halloween (you could get amazing costumes out of it too!). The 2021 Dune movie is a brought-to-life film based on the futuristic science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert in 1965. The director of this movie, Denis Villeneuve, seems to be a genius for putting this amazing cast together to play such a remarkable movie, starring Timothee Chalamet as Paul (the main character of the book/movie, Arrakis governor’s son) and Zendaya as Chani (Paul’s lover). Hold on tight to your spaceship because it’ll be finally premiering in theaters on October 22nd after a long waiting period!

The poster banner for the Dune Movie contains its premiering information.

Picture from IMDB.

The book, Dune, is a futuristic novel taking place in the year 10,191. Humans have taken over the universe, colonizing different planets. Paul’s father, Duke Leto (played by Oscar Isaac) is given the position of governor of Arrakis. He decides to take the position because Arrakis is wealthy, avoiding his men’s warnings. Later on, the Freemen, who were the natives of Arrakis, start thinking Jessica (Paul’s mother played by Rebecca Ferguson) and Paul is their saviors coming to save them from the challenges they faced and flourishing their dry land, because of their incredible and unique powers. They struggle with new obstacles that are presented to them, including the invasion of their “rivals”, the Harkonnens. In the midst of all despair, he falls in love with a Freemen woman, Chani (played by the one and only Zendaya).

There have been multiple recreations of this book, but none of them have given the satisfaction that the audience had expected and have failed in the “big screen” industry. However, we’ve got a preview of the movie and we can certainly guess that this is nowhere near a failure.

Villeneuve had a clear vision for this movie; he wanted to please his younger self by creating the live product of his imagination and recreating how he had always visualized Dune, his favorite book of all time, would be like. He wanted to do the same for all kids and teenagers with this dream of being able to see for themselves their imagination come to life. The movie has already premiered in countries such as Belgium, Denmark, France, and Italy, among others. It has received a huge amount of good reviews and reactions, while already being nominated for an award, the Venice Film Festival.

So when October 22 comes around, get over your fear of going to the movies and go see it! Of course, take all the necessary precautions to avoid getting sick!

Denis Villeneuve said that Dune was his “Holy Grail” as a filmmaker and his journey throughout making the movie.

Picture from Goodreads.

Recently, I was in the car with my mom running some errands. I remember looking through the window and seeing the huge sign saying the 2021 Dune movie was going to be premiering in October. My heart had left my body, what an amazing movie that was going to be! Coming home, I left everything behind and started going through the book and searching how the movie was going to be like. And I thought to myself, this really will be “a modern masterclass in filmmaking”, as said by James Oster. What are your expectations for the 2021 Dune movie?

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