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  • Isabel Caldera

In Retrospect

The 2020-2021 High School Experience

I am not only sure if this only happens to me but, every time those last weeks of school approach, my mind is already in summer mentality. It feels as if the year went flying by. We started school online, swapped to hybrid, and have ended with the promise that we will all be returning on campus next year. Can you imagine seeing everyone together, in school again?

This school year was different, not the norm. Without a doubt a hard year for many of us who were trying to adapt. And if you survived this year without really being burned out, congratulations! But for those who sometimes felt that it was kind of hard to get through one, two, or all your classes, it is completely understandable. I think we should look at this school year in retrospect and instead of seeing the hard parts as something negative, look at them as what brought forth those successes you had this year.

Think about it. This was our first year with a completely different schedule; if you ask me, now it feels like it has been like this forever. Sure, the constant changes in schedules were hard to assimilate at first. Yet, we got through it and finally reached some stability. We celebrated Valentine’s Day, got to experience Spirit Week, had a (virtual) Art Expo, and even participated in Todos a Servir. If you had asked me at the beginning of the year if I had thought all that was possible, I sincerely would have doubted it. Not to forget, we also started our first newspaper in which this story I am writing right now will soon appear. Now I’m looking forward to being part of the Newspaper club since I cannot repeat electives and I sort of liked this article-writing thing.

I would say this year was a year of firsts; we all got to try and experiment with different hobbies, classes, and experiences. If this is what we get out of a “bad” year, I can't wait to see what we do next year, when hopefully things will start opening up once more!

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