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The top 10 toys of all time (according to yours truly)

Ever been to a toy store? They are like heaven for kids. I remember being so excited to go to this store in the US where they used to sell everything! It was Toys R Us, but sadly the company had to close. I wanted to write about the top 10 toys of all time, in my opinion. Obviously everyone has different opinions about toys, but see if you agree with me.

#10: A Stuffed Animal

We all have stuffed animals like dogs, horses, or unicorns. Everyone loves stuffed animals; they are soft and cute. They also help you sleep at night.

#9: Nerf Gun

Everyone loved guns when we were younger. Kids used to play wars with their brothers and sisters, including cousins! They were good times.

#8: Rubik’s Cube

This is the Rubik's cube. Of course I had to put this toy in the top 10 because everyone used to solve this puzzle. It was entertaining. There are still some seventh graders that walk around with one, breaking their heads trying to figure it out. Time well spent, I say.

#7: Furby Boom

I hate it, but some kids love it and if you ask me why, well I don’t know.

#6: Farm set with horses, dogs, chickens, or anything to do with riding.

These are pretty cool toys if you ask me, and provided hours of entertainment for young ones.

Now we are in the top five.

#5: Barbies

This is so true, everyone that I know had Barbies. I never did, but that’s just me.

#4: Hot Wheels

This is no ordinary Hot Wheels, it is a historic toy. It is featured in the movie Back to the Future and is actually a time machine. Playing with toy cars, racing them and even making them change colors with water was pretty cool.

#3: Baby Yoda

While investigating famous toys I saw the baby yoda. It’s pretty popular right now and everyone loves this adorable green goblin.

#2: Nintendo DS

I know everyone has this, or if they don’t, they want it!

#1: Legos!

Everyone had legos, boys or girls. I know I had and I still have some. They provided hours of fun and imaginative play, creating impossible spaceships and creatures out of hundreds of different pieces. They are definitely the ultimate toy!

Well, this wraps up the top 10 toys of all time. What do you think? You can leave a comment below! What is YOUR #1 toy?

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