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  • Isabel Caldera & Monica Aguerri

The (unwanted) Truth About Uniforms

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The school uniform has been a controversial topic since its conception. Although it has been slightly adapted through the years, it is not probable that it will change entirely (or be removed) anytime soon. Contrary to the popular belief that all students absolutely despise the uniform, we would dare say some students secretly like it (but just don’t admit it).

Are the white polo shirt, the blue pants, and the black shoes as bad as students really believe them to be? What about the P.E. uniform?

We asked students in 9th grade what they thought about it. Almost everyone said that the P.E. one is very comfortable and well suited for doing exercise, although it does make the sweat show more. On the other hand, the white polo shirt and blue pants were just “too hot”. Someone else said that they were ugly! This might not sound very surprising to many students who feel the same way.

However, even though the uniforms aren’t the most fashionable, they allow us to not worry about what to wear. We already know what we will wear tomorrow: the same thing we wore yesterday! That should be a load off our minds, right?

If you think about it, our uniforms are appropriate. For starters, they are made of cotton and are thus relatively low cost and fresh. Compared to jeans, the blue “chinos” are softer and hide the dirt better. As for the shoes, you get to pick the most comfortable ones you can get, so long as they are black.

As a plus, uniforms represent a sense of belonging to the school and provide comfort in the fact that we are not singled out based on our looks. Though some people may protest this fact, they might secretly be thankful for it.

There will always be another occasion for showing off our personalities in the evenings or on weekends, when we get to sport those camo pants, ripped jeans, or statement sleeves we love so much. For now, we can concentrate on our classes, turn in that last-minute assignment, and walk down the halls without having to fuss over our wardrobe.

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