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Does writing down your feelings really work?

Since last week's theme was mental health, I found it only appropriate to talk about something that I feel has really improved my mental state: Journaling. I know it sounds cliché to write down your feelings because who still keeps a diary these days? But it truly does help. I have found that at the end of the day, when I grab my journal and write down what happened that day and how I felt, it helps me release those feelings and be at peace with them.

Some days I feel very stressed and frustrated, so I write down what made me feel this way. Afterwards, I honestly feel a lot better. I'm not gonna say I feel completely fine and that the problem never happened, but just seeing the issue written down makes it so much easier to solve it. Even if I can’t solve it, I experience that if I am ever in a similar situation I am not taken by surprise and can react in a more positive way.

It is such a great feeling to look inside yourself and write what you see. Check this website out to find out more.. (Credit)

I asked my friend Lucía Salvo, who also journals, if doing so has also helped her. She said that it does help her and she feels better afterwards. Again, it doesn’t make the feelings go away, but it somehow relaxes you to write them down.

This is my friend Lucía. (Lucía Salvo)

So, if you’d like to experiment with journaling, I suggest you buy yourself a cute notebook and a comfortable pen and start. Just write down what comes to your mind before you go to bed; soon you’ll be writing what you feel, and then you’ll be wondering what made you feel that way. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to understanding yourself a little better, recognizing your triggers, and working on them to improve your mental health. Take my word for it: journaling is a healthy way to cope with your emotions.

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