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Mental Health Matters

Easy ways to cope with stress

In honor of the mental health awareness week, I will discuss a crucial topic. Stress is a common feeling almost everyone experiences throughout their lives. The important thing about it is that you have to find healthy ways that help you cope personally.

It can be stressful to enter high school, especially while in a pandemic. It’s a new environment and it brings new challenges, which is why I decided to interview two freshmen to see what they do to relieve their stress.

The first person I interviewed was Ana Sofia Chamorro. Some activities she’s involved in are in the Model UN, Honors Math, AP Art, volleyball, guitar classes, a community in Monte Tabor, and the clubs OP and VIAE. Ana Sofia's way to relieve stress from having so many things on her plate is reading and journaling.

Always try to find hobbies that help you unwind! Photo taken by: author

Another person I interviewed was Francesca Rayo. A few of her occupations are Model UN, the music club, volleyball, Honors Math, and the club VIAE. Some ways she copes with the stress of everyday life is listening to music and playing the guitar.

Always find time to do the things you enjoy! Photo taken by: author

It's important to take into consideration that freshmen still get stressed even if they are the youngest in high school. Having a hobby that does not include screen time is a sure way to disconnect and relax for a while.

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