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  • Rocío Tenorio

Music: The Ultimate De-stressor

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Music is a new elective a lot of students have signed up for. This elective was not available for High Schoolers until this year. Just how successful has this class been? I asked around and found out.

According to sophomores Gabriel Abarca and Julio Vega, they enjoy their music class. They find the class relaxing, the teacher outgoing, and the experience an escape from other stressful classes. They say some students came with zero knowledge of music and they have learned to play the guitar in just weeks. Gabriel is living proof of this, he told me.

One disadvantage of the class is the fact that students have to carry the guitar everywhere and it is a little bit uncomfortable. But it has been worth it!

Lots of students would love to have Music as an elective next year, too. It is a beautiful way to enrich student life; we all need a bit of music in our lives from time to time.

Image of manuscript paper, significant part of the music elective class.

Foto: Wix website

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