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Updated: May 28, 2021

Antonella Lacayo

Everyone needs/wants a best friend, but do you have an eccentric best friend like I


My best friend is very loved by many people and she sure makes everyone laugh. She is very unique and has several nicknames such as Sopha and Yorleni. Having her as a best friend is truly a blessing; she supports me in everything that I do and we make each other laugh abundantly. I always tell her that God loves her because everything turns out well for her-literally everything.

Everyone that knows her knows that her way of speaking is very barrio-like, which is funny. This isn’t supposed to come out the wrong way but it’s true. One of my many favorite things that she says is, “El que puede puede y el que no, toma. El que tiene tienda que la atienda.” I enjoy seeing her happy. Ana Sophia is like a ray of sunshine because she lights your day, even when she’s mad because she doesn’t stay mad for that

long. She loves to say that we are 2x1 which is absolutely true; we have many great stories together that will make anyone laugh.

One of my favorite stories I have with her is going to Downtown, which is a nightclub. We told ourselves that we were going to make the best of that night since I was home alone. At first we thought that we weren’t going out since it was already twelve and our ride had gone home. But, we did in fact end up going out with no ride back to my house. We

had a great time and I was having fun but we had no ride back and it was 4:30 am. We ended up leaving with Ana Sophia's cousin.

One thing that was really funny was that one guy who told her, “Ana Sophia, te

dedico la luna.” Ana Sophia looked up and said, “Lástima que está bien chiquita.”

I believe that her bold personality comes from her big family and her being the

oldest. She is arrecha and knows how to speak for herself and is someone who is not easily manipulated. When she used to give me a ride after school in her van full of her siblings it was like a zoo. I kept saying to myself, Thank God I don’t have these many siblings and I am the youngest. I was losing my patience but Ana Sophia was so used to this madness that she had everything under control. Sure, she yelled at them a few times on the ride but her siblings listened to her and almost completely stopped being annoying. I truly think that there is no one better to be in this situation and still be joyful and social. God knew the family he picked for her because as mentioned before, this has shaped her into the person she is today.

I love to drive with her because we have so much fun driving together. Another great

story that I have with her is leaving Valentina’s house after SAT practice one night. I saw that there was a full moon and it was beautiful.

“Ve que linda la luna,” I told her.

She was so distracted answering messages on her phone, so I told her again, “Pero ve

que linda la luna,” and she kept on scrolling.

“Si,” she said absently, without actually looking.

Keep in mind that this was happening while I was driving. So I looked at her and told

her, “No, LOOK at the moon,” and when she saw it I then put my eyes back on the road

realizing I was far off the lane and in fact in someone’s yard. We didn’t hit anything thank

God and nothing happened; in fact it was so small that I even count it as something stupid but it was hilarious.

I don’t drive with her as much as we used to because she lives so far away and has a

busy schedule, but I miss those days when we had SAT practice and would laugh till our

stomachs hurt about the smallest and simplest things.

Antonella Lacayo is a senior at St. Augustine school and has studied there since PK. She is the youngest of four siblings who also attended and graduated from St. Augustine. She loves hanging with her friends and socializing in general. She can be very talkative when she’s with people she knows or very reserved when she wants to. People tell her that she has a gift because she can eat anything she wants and not gain weight; maybe that’s why she has a passion for eating. She also enjoys helping her mother with errands or accompanying her. She absolutely loves her dog and her dog loves her, too. She gets bored pretty easily so be sure to always keep her entertained.

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