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Productivity vs. Procrastination

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Although free time may seem as the perfect opportunity to take a break and relax, we should take advantage of this time off and form good studying habits that can be beneficial for the upcoming exams. As you may already know, the AP tests are quickly approaching and procrastination is certainly tempting, but having an early start when it comes to studying can be a great advantage.

When studying one could spend hours and hours reading and rereading notes or highlighting text, but this is not exactly the most effective way to study, especially for a test like the AP exams which covers so much material. Making notes or highlighting is a passive way of studying, as this does not require for you to retrieve information from your brain. This is why it is actually categorized as one of the worst ways to study. Additionally, this can be very time-consuming and counterproductive.

For maximum productivity when studying, the most recommended studying method is something called active learning/studying. This requires for you to quiz yourself and retrieve certain information for your brain, eventually leading to you actually learning this information. Active learning is also a quicker and more effective way of studying. This can be done through analyzing text and making flashcards correspondingly. Another great way to put this method into practice is forming analysis questions and quizzing yourself.

The most important thing about preparation for an AP exam is not stressing so much. And although it may seem impossible to study so much, take comfort in the fact that thousands of students have successfully passed these AP exams and you shall be no exception. However, I do encourage you all to use your time wisely and avoid procrastinating. As a fellow Advanced Placement course student, I understand procrastination might seem a better choice opposed to productivity, but in the long run, taking advantage of this time off school will be beneficial. Finally, to all AP course students, I share my sympathies and wish you the best of luck in your exams.

“For maximum productivity when studying, the most recommended studying method is something called active learning/studying.”

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