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Summer Internships

How to have a productive summer

When the school bell rings on the last day of school, every student gets this feeling of freedom, time, and rest. Summer is what motivates students to keep going during their school year. During summer, there’s nothing associated with work or stress (unless you’re thinking about summer reading or AP work; but let's be honest, we all leave it ‘till the last minute). Summer is fun; students and even teachers get to rest. However, some students take summer as an opportunity to use their time wisely.

Summer is right around the corner, so you might be thinking “resting is wise,” and it is; but tell me that after two weeks of summer vacation you’re still not bored of doing nothing. I won't speak for you, but myself; I do get bored and always try to do more productive things. There are multiple ways to spend your summertime wisely and productively. Maybe getting your driver's license, finding a new hobby, or even a summer internship.

Yes, an internship. I know it sounds like too much work during your restful summer. You might be thinking that you’ll just be working for free, but hear me out. There are at least a thousand pros to participating in an internship during the summer.

Lucía Salvo reading a book about business on her summer vacation at the beach. Picture Credits: Lucía Salvo


A summer internship would allow you to experiment in fields that interest you and to learn more about what you want to major in college. Being an intern does not only allow you to focus your ideas on what you want to study in college or work in but possibly even open doors for job opportunities in the future.


During an internship, you’ll experience having responsibility over work that is not necessarily your own, which can sound stressful but it’s the only way to learn. Through an internship, you’ll grasp an idea of what it is like working for someone and growing knowledge and interest in a field. Even if you have a negative experience during a summer internship, you’ll have sufficient understanding to know what you enjoy and you can apply it to another situation.


With the clarity gained from experimenting and experiencing a summer internship, you will possibly gain a better idea of what you’re looking for in a future job or in what field to focus on in college. This will allow you to know what your focus could be. In addition, adding summer internships to your college applications will show dedication, experience, and professionalism.

It may sound overwhelming to speak about the future and ask you to act on it tomorrow, but let's be real. A year or two pass by like the snap of a finger. So, if you ask me, I believe being an intern this summer would be an incredible opportunity. I’m thinking about studying fashion in college, so I’m applying for an internship in this field this summer. How about you?

An example of some work you might do during a fashion internship. Picture Credits: Pinterest

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