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The School Year Is Almost Over…

Does the feeling of the school ending change in every grade?

Today is June 1, 2022 and there are currently 5 days left of school for everyone, except for seniors who had their last day on May 19. This is the period of the school year that everyone anxiously waits for. However, the feelings that arise towards the end of the school year are different in every grade and even every individual.

Most seniors may be sad; this is their last year in school before they leave. On the other hand, freshmen and sophomores could be excited for summer and can’t wait to rest from the overwhelming amounts of schoolwork. Finally, juniors could be eagerly counting the days to become seniors. But, interviews are necessary to clear these assumptions. I decided to interview a student from every grade to see what their honest thoughts are.

Ana Sofia, a freshman, says she feels desperate for school to end. “I am excited for the school year to end because I will have time to do things I like.” The thing she will miss most is her Spanish class and the thing she will miss the least is her Honors Geometry class.

Cristina Parada and Maria Adela Levy (freshmen) are eager to get out of class as soon as possible! Picture taken by me.

Lucia Salvo (sophomore) says she feels relieved the school year is almost over. She also asserts that the thing she will miss most from this school year is “being in 10th grade because it's scary knowing we are growing up.” Also, the thing she will miss the least is nothing because she says, “I love school!”

Junior Diego Cuadra says he feels happy the school year is ending because he wants vacations to start. He comments the thing he will miss the most are the seniors and the thing he will miss the least are the excessive amount of school work. Also, he is excited for his upcoming takeover which is on May 13.

Luis Espinoza, a senior, feels sad because he will miss the whole school. He states he will miss being with his friends the most and the food of the cafeteria is what he will miss the least.

In all, with only 5 days remaining now, I am sure that the general feeling is desperation for the school year to end to rest from all the school work overload, yet there is also a little sadness among us as the seniors are leaving to college.

The seniors cross each day until they leave the school. Picture taken by me.

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