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Top 5 best surfing beaches in Nicaragua

In this article I want to talk about the 5 best beaches for surfing. Professional surfers from all over the world come to visit a handful of famous beaches found in Nicaragua. They have even been endorsed by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Can you guess which ones they are?

Most of these beaches are in the Pacific, in the Rivas area. The waves have consistent quality, and above all, are powerful. The five best beaches are: Popoyo, Maderas, Jiquiliste, Colorado, and Aposentillo.

According to this website "E&N," these are the most important details that make them stand out

1. Aposentillo

Aposentillo beach stands out for its tubular waves with a good size. Because of the noise these waves make when they break, it is known as the "boom" beach.

2. Maderas

Maderas beach is considered one of the most popular beaches among surfers for the ease of entering and reaching the point "where the good waves are caught."This beach offers good waves all year long.

3. Popoyo

Popoyo beach is noted for their large swells and it's always in good shape. In good seasons the waves can reach between 10 to 15 meters, which is a lurong challenge for surfers. Popoyo earned a place in the top 5 beaches in the world for those who practice this sport.

4. Playa Colorado

Playa Colorado features waves that are constant all year round with the necessary height to practice good surfing. An international event has already been held here, the Nicaragua 2012 World Surf Master Championship.

5. Jiquiliste

Jiquiliste beach, or also called Santana beach, has "closed" waves that break quickly. It is known as a surfing destination due to the marine winds in the area and the quality of the waves. The World Junior Surfing Championship was held here in the year 2013.

It can be said that Nicaragua is one of the most sought after destinations by surfers because it offers all kinds of waves. A future article will be dedicated to beaches with softer waves for those who want to start in this beautiful sport of surfing.

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