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Who are the new CSA boys varsity team captains?

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Last week the CSA soccer team captain and co captain were elected by coach Mario Gastón with the approval of the headmaster and principal. Alejandro César was elected as the captain and Alejandro Parada as co captain. The meeting was held through Google Meet and every player on the soccer team joined for the announcement.

Both captains have been training and developing a passion for soccer since first grade. They have wanted to go to the AASCA tournament since they were little kids. Both captains were inspired by older family members and they have been determined to one day lead their team ever since.

We asked them how they have been staying in shape during the pandemic. Their answer was simple. “We have been doing fitness drills which include weight lifting and running.”

Both captains also commented on how they have been staying in contact with the team, saying they have used group chats in order to maintain the bond they have with their teammates.

When asked about things they have learned that can motivate other players, Alejandro César replied, “Working hard and giving your best effort you can achieve great things whether it’s sport or classes”.

Lastly both captains stated that they hope they will be able to practice as soon as possible. Meanwhile, it is up to the team to do exercise to stay in shape on an individual basis. They hope everything returns to normal before the end of the year.

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