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ANF Club

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

ANF (American Nicaraguan Foundation) is a 28-year-old nonprofit organization whose mission is to relieve poverty in Nicaragua and establish enduring opportunities throughout the country. CSA’s ANF Club, currently managed by president Joaquin De la Jara and vice president Cristiana Chamorro, gives students the opportunity to voluntarily support this great cause and make a significant change in our country.

Living in one of Latin America’s least developed countries, access to basic resources appears to be a daily challenge for many people who are part of Nicaragua’s population, particularly those living in rural areas. As a result of the pandemic and the two catastrophic hurricanes that have recently caused critical damage in many of the country’s poorest regions, our assistance is needed more than ever.

ANF Club is launching a new campaign named “Masks for Unity” in which participants can buy masks as donations for underprivileged families. The funds raised by this initiative will be donated to the ANF organization so they can distribute them for the benefit of those affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Even though the pandemic has impeded club members from participating in physical fundraising events, CSA’s ANF Club has taken action, following the lead of the internationally recognized ANF, without staying behind.

The club’s leaders are looking forward to the results of this activity as well as to future events that will benefit more Nicaraguan people. They hope to encourage others to support this cause not only financially, but also by “giving things that come from their own selves” and eventually learn to live for others.

Every kind act results in one or more smiles.

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