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CSA’s Christmas Playlist

Students’ Favorite “Christmas” Songs

Christmas is right around the corner; of course, you can already listen to your favorite Christmas songs while preparing for the holiday. Some people, like me, suddenly can’t figure out what to listen to, therefore, have no inspiration to decorate the house with ornaments. That's why I have asked around for song recommendations from the CSA students and with those, I made a playlist for everyone that is unsure about what to listen to at these times. Some songs are classics while others are newcomers and, honestly, quite a shocker that they are in this playlist.

1. The first song in this playlist is none other than “Jingle bells”. This song is a classic when it comes to Christmas songs to get us in the mood.

2. “All I Want for Christmas is You” is next on the line. Of course, people couldn’t leave Mariah Carey’s famous Christmas song behind.

3. “Last Christmas'' is third in this playlist. This is such a great song not only for Christmas but also for those hopeless romantics.

4. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”. Ah, what is that melody? Just plausibly the best Christmas song ever.

5. “Jingle Bell Rock” has become a must in this Christmas playlist, and here it is. The perfect song for Christmas.

Now, these are not the only songs that you will find in the Spotify playlist the CSA Times has made for you this Christmas. However, we would like to keep these as a surprise for everyone as our Christmas gift from us to you all.

What songs do you listen to in order to get you in the spirit for Christmas?


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