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Are Concerts Worth It?

Concert-goers share the highlights of their night

I have only gone to two concerts in my life which were not a big deal, but my closest friends tell me that the concerts they have gone to were one of the funnest nights of their life. Can you really have a life changing experience in just 2 hours, though? I decided to interview Alejandra Rodriguez and Gabriel Castellon to see what they had to say.

Alejandra went to an Enrique Iglesias concert in Nicaragua in 2015 and she was around 10 years old. One of the few complaints she had was that there was an old lady who was disrespectful. “I didn't think I was going to get to have him close, but he came to the mini stage and touched my hand, so I didn’t want to wash my hands afterwards,” she said. Alejandra firmly states the concert was worth it because she had a close interaction with the singer and it was fun.

Enrique Iglesias has been in the music industry for 25 years. Picture taken by: EFE/Telemundo

Gabriel went to a Bad Bunny concert in Nicaragua in 2019, when he was 14 years old. One of his complaints was that it was a small place for the amount of people that were there. “Bad Bunny changed part of his lyrics to say Nicaraguan,” he remembers. He felt really happy and started screaming. Gabriel is indecisive on whether or not the concert was worth it, even though it was exciting, because he personally doesn’t enjoy concerts that much. He says there are a lot of strange people.

Bad Bunny is a puerto rican artist. Picture taken by: EFE

Even though it can be dubious that concerts change your life, you should still go to one if you have the chance. You are bound to have a good time and an unforgettable experience in such a short period of time.

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