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Depp vs Heard

Johnny and Amber head to court over defamation claims

Everyone has heard of Johnny Depp, right? He’s Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, or maybe you know him as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, or maybe you even know him from Fantastic Beasts as the character Grindelwald. As you can see from his roles, he’s an extremely well known actor, with a net worth of $150 million, recently he has been caught in a scandal with none other than his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Johnny and Amber in 2016 at the Heaven Gala red carpet. Photo.

Amber is also an actress and her most well known character is Mera in Aquaman. Currently she is being sued by her ex-husband for $50 million for spreading lies about him being an abuser. It's known that Johnny has lost many roles and contracts due to these accusations including characters like Jack Sparrow and Grindelwald. The only brand that still keeps supporting him is Dior; they made a commercial with him promoting Dior Sauvage. Obviously, this situation has caused him to lose so many deals, that an enraged Johnny decided to sue Amber because she has killed his career. Even though he has lost a lot, most fans are taking his side on the whole situation saying that Johnny would never abuse someone.

Johnny Depp modeling for Dior sauvage. Photo.

The most recent thing going on in the case is Amber's testimony. The first thing that she accused him of is substance abuse, which we know is true because even he said that there was drug and alcohol involved. The next thing she accused him of is hitting her across the face because she mispronounced a tattoo on his arm. Apparently she laughed because she didn't know what to do. Allegedly he then smacked her two more times; Johnny felt terrible and begged for forgiveness saying he would never do it again. Then a cycle was formed. Now if this were all you know, you would feel terrible for her and, why wouldn’t you? But, there has been much evidence that she has lied about this abuse.

The first piece of evidence is the bodyguard present at their honeymoon. He says that he, Amber, and Johnny were taking a train; the couple apparently fought through this ride and Johnny had some bruises after the fight. Read this article for more about this story. Another witness, Johnny's house manager, recalls the time he helped Johnny find the tip of his finger; yes, you read that right. Allegedly Mr. King heard someone crying that sounded like Amber and there was blood and broken bottles everywhere in the house. “Directly below the bar” was where the big chunk of Johnny Depp's finger was found. He put it in a plastic bag on top of some ice, so it could be taken to the hospital and stitched back together. More info on this wild story here.

Ben King testified in court about the vodka battle which led to him finding Johnny Depp’s finger. Photo.

The third piece of evidence is that Amber says that on May 27, 2016 she is seen leaving court with what appears to be a bruise on her cheek after claiming Johnny physically assaulted her. The next day on May 28, 2016 she was seen again out with a friend and the bruise magically appeared to be gone. You could debate that she was wearing makeup but in the image she appears to be wearing absolutely nothing. Now I'm no expert on bruises or anything like that, but what I do know is that bruises don’t just disappear from one day to another. So can it be safe to assume that she put makeup on to create a bruise?

Amber Heard is seen leaving the courthouse with a bruise and next day there's nothing on her cheek. Photo.

The last piece of evidence I’ll give is that her attorney, Elaine, said that Amber used to carry makeup pallets by Milani cosmetics to cover up her bruises and cuts. Now that’s pretty believable to an outsider, but what happens when their own brand debunks this accusation? Elaine said that Amber used this palette throughout the entire relationship which was from 2015-2017. However, they filed for divorce in 2016 and she got a restraining order against him. So although they were married for two years, one of them was spent going through the divorce process. Now Milani revealed on TikTok that there is no way Amber could have used the palette since it came out in 2017. So how exactly is she going to use a product that hasn't even come out yet? Read on for more info on this incredible story.

That is all the information I can provide for now. Who do you believe is at fault for this entire situation? Are you team Johnny or team Amber? Leave your comment below; the jury is deliberating and we will soon know which side “won.

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