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Movies for when you need a good cry

Grab tissues when watching these two- you will definitely need them

Sometimes you just feel the need for a good cry and that is something very normal, nothing to be ashamed of. Today I am going to suggest two movies that will definitely make you cry. And if you don’t cry, well, please double check if your heart is beating at all.

1. Five Feet Apart

Stella and Will go on their first date.

This movie stars Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson. It is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. It is about two teenagers who suffer from cystic fibrosis. Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) has suffered from this for basically her whole life. She later meets Will (Cole Sprouse) who has the same condition. They fall in love but, because of their disease, they have to avoid contact with each other and stay five feet apart at all times. Sounds like all of us during the pandemic! I don’t want to spoil the rest of the movie so just watch it to see how it ends. Have tissues ready if you do because it is truly heartbreaking.

2. All the Bright Places

This is the first time Violet and Finch meet.

This romance and drama film starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith is very good. This movie won’t only make you cry; it will leave you amazed by the phenomenal acting. Violet (Elle Fanning) was a very depressed girl after her sister passed away in a car accident. She later meets Theodore Finch (Justice Smith) and he shows her that there are still beautiful things in life. After a little while of knowing each other they start dating and both show each other that there are good things in life. As the movie goes by we realize that Theodore also has very big problems in his life but he hides it very well. The movie has an enormous plot twist but I won’t say what it is. I cried incredibly hard watching this movie but it also has a beautiful meaning.

I know October is the month when people usually find scary movies to watch. But sometimes we are more in the mood of something a little different.

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