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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The 2020 school year began with all students attending online, and the majority of them still are. How do they feel about it? 8th grader Yelsary Vargas and 9th grader Fernando Levy tell us their experience with online school and their (opposing) feelings towards it.

Out of 10, Fernando rated his online school experience a 7 and Yelsary a 4.

Fernando said that, even though he does miss being in a physical classroom, online school is “pretty good” and “very organized”. However, when asked to choose between online and physical, Fernando answered, “Probably going to school because my friends are there and it helps me pay more attention, since there are less distractions.” Fernando said that he will be coming back to school for the second quarter.

When asked what she thought about online school, Yelsary replied by saying it was horrible because it was very tiring. She also said that she missed her friends. Now that she’s back, Yelsary feels more comfortable and said that, even though school is not the same as it used to be, it still is better than online school.

To those at home reading this article, how do you feel about online school? Will you be returning this second bimester, or staying at home until January? With more and more students signing up to return to school physically, online school might be coming to an end… Will you be glad, or sad?

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