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The Golden Era of the Barca Part 2

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Barca’s latest wins are proving Xavi's value as a coach

Last Sunday, March 20th, Fútbol Club Barcelona won the “Clásico” 4-0, with amazing goals. Some time ago I wrote an article named “Is the Golden era of Barca back?” because Barca was just starting out. With this latest win, Barca’s superiority is not a thing of the past anymore. It is starting to gain strength once again.

Joaquín Zavala & Gabriel Guardian, hard-core fans of Barcelona.

Credits: Gabriel Castellon.

“We liked the changes Xavi made and is making in Barcelona; we hope the club continues going up,” Joaquin and Gabriel said. Since Xavi came to Barca, he implemented a lot of rules that some thought were unnecessary but proved to be worthwhile. One rule was that all the players had to be on the field 20 min before the practice started. This rule was created for players to know how to manage their time and always be on time for a game, practice, etc. And it’s paying off.

Not all has gone smoothly for Xavi, though. They were not able to play in the Champions League and had to settle with playing in the Europa League. For those who don’t know, the Champions is a much bigger tournament than the Europa League. For a team to play in the Champions, you have to be in the top 3 of the league the team is playing. This means that Barcelona was below the top 4 of their league (number 5 to be specific).

With their recent wins, however, Xavi made Barcelona qualify for next season's Champions. I also think that Xavi made some good changes in the team, as he gave up some good records but also brought some good players. The fresh blood and energy these new players have added to the team are making them play their best.

I hope the Barcelona team continues gaining points. Let me know in the comments if you think Barcelona is going to win the championship next season.

¡Este FC Barcelona siempre va adelante y mata! El conjunto azulgrana se ha impuesto en el Santiago Bernabéu con una victoria histórica y goleada (como las de antes) para aplastar a un Real Madrid que no se presentó en su campo.

Foto credits: Paolo Guevara, FCBN

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