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  • Isabel Caldera

The Story Behind Green Turn

Two young girls in the 7th grade once had an idea. They were Silvana, a new student, and myself, who quickly became her friend. I remember that day, how Silvana and I were walking down the stairs with our backpacks and she started telling me this story about her dad and this club he once started at his school. She told me she would like to do something similar, and I absolutely loved the idea.

We immediately came up with the idea of an environmental club since we both were extremely passionate about nature. But there was so much to be done. How was it going to be called? Who would be our sponsor? Since we didn’t have an organization to back us up, how would we spread the word? These questions stressed us out, but we managed to work it all out.

We went over hundreds of names and logos, found a teacher, and began to work. Our goal was to impact our school and our community with awareness around recycling, reusing, and making “green” decisions that reduce waste. I remember we wanted to sell reusable straws at first, but it was difficult since we could only get them from Costa Rica.

When the pandemic started, we shifted our focus to collecting fabric masks to make donations for schools and kids in an effort to reduce disposable mask waste. At this moment we are participating in an international 60-second film competition called to raise awareness in which you can win $1,000. Check out the forms at the end of this presentation to join:

This academic year Silvana left the school, but she will be back next year! The club has also grown, and I am happy to announce that Carlos Gutierrez is our treasurer and Veronica Meneses is our secretary.

If you want to know more about Green Turn and its mission, visit our google site or follow our Instagram page @greenturn.nic.

What green turn can you make today?

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