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The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List!

Fun things to do this Christmas with your friends and family

The most delightful time of the year has arrived, and we are all looking forward to the holiday season and the festive spirit. Here are some things you can do this Christmas to get into the Christmas spirit! I hope you find this bucket list fun and exciting, the CSA Times team wishes you the greatest Christmas ever!

Gingerbread House Competition

It’s time to make things competitive. A fun activity to do with your loved ones is the gingerbread house competition. Gather your friends or family around; each person gets their own house, and the person who decorates it the best in an hour wins! You can buy gingerbread houses in supermarkets and extra decorations like sprinkles, more frosting, candy canes, cookies, etc.

Gingerbread house competiton

Make homemade ornaments.

Every household has its own way of decorating for Christmas; if you have a Christmas tree, maybe it’s time for you to add your own homemade ornaments. Wouldn’t you feel proud that your tree is filled with ornaments you made? Well, I would say it's easy; you just get a surface, which could be round or flat and then just decorate it.

Homemade ornaments

Christmas Playlist

If you love Christmas like me, you probably also like Christmas songs that make everyone happy and get into the Christmas spirit. Make your ultimate Christmas playlist with all your favorite songs to keep you dancing and singing all day and night. One of our staff members, Isabella Medrano, did her own. Check out her playlist in her article, also published in The CSA Times.

Make your own ugly Christmas sweaters:

What better way to display your unique style than by making an ugly Christmas sweater of your own? Make your own personalized Christmas sweaters to show off your fashion sense. It’s easy: get a plain white, red, or green sweater and decorate it with your imagination. You can paint it, add glitter, and fun little objects like bottoms or pom poms, and have a blast with your friends!

DIY Christmas ugly sweaters

Christmas Movies Marathon!

There's nothing better than watching the most hilarious Christmas classics. Set up a Christmas movie night and invite your loved ones to watch Christmas movies with you all night. Everyone will enjoy a relaxing night with tasty snacks and comfortable clothing. Just imagine all your best friends in matching Christmas PJs, drinking hot chocolate, and eating the best Christmas snacks ever while watching "Home Alone," "Elf," or "The Grinch." Miguel Chamorro wrote about his favorite Christmas movies, so don’t hesitate to check out his take on Christmas movies.

Make your Christmas card for Santa

Santa will always be a part of my Christmas, no matter how old I get. That’s why I follow the tradition of writing a card to Santa. It’s a fast and easy way to demonstrate to "Santa" that you appreciate him and that you are also looking forward to the presents he will bring you.

Karaoke Night:

Now that you have your ultimate Christmas playlist, it’s time to spice things up and be the host of a fun karaoke night. Set teams and judges to rate your Christmas singing skills; the group that sings the best gets the title of "best Karaoke singer." It’s a fun and cheering activity you can do with your friends that will definitely make you laugh your heart out!

Giving Back

I’ve learned that one of the most important things about Christmas is giving back. This year, if you can, go buy a toy or food or whatever you please to give to someone who really needs it. You will make someone smile and really emphasize the true meaning of Christmas. In our school, every year there is a toy drive activity, where you can donate new toys and for Christmas children in need will receive gifts.

Secret Santa

Play a fun game with your family or friends. To begin, everyone's name is written on little pieces of paper and placed in a bowl; each person must choose one of the little papers in the bowl. Then, each individual will buy a gift for the person they were assigned in the paper, and each person will get one item from their secret Santa. This game is entertaining; everyone receives a present, and it brings the Christmas spirit together. There’s also a modified version of this, called White Elephant, in this version people bring random, wrapped gifts and the purpose of the game is to get the best gift by stealing the gift of another person.

Decorating sugar cookies

Lastly, everyone likes a sweet cookie, and it’s even better if it's decorated with Christmas shapes. Bake sugar cookies and cut them into fun shapes like a tree, gingerbread man, star, ornament, etc. Then, get some frosting and sprinkles and decorate your cookies to your liking.

Christmas sugar cookies

I hope you have the chance to do all of these fun activities this Christmas. They're easy to do and can be done by anyone. This bucket list is not only fun to do with your friends and family, but it will also spread the Christmas spirit. Christmas is a time of unity and family. By doing some of the activities above, I’m sure you will create memories of a lifetime with those who are closest to you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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