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5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

The climate is changing and you should, too!

We are all so invested in our own personal problems that we generally don’t care about our surroundings. But every part of the world, including Nicaragua, is being affected by climate change. We can’t ignore it any longer.

According to the United Nations Development Programme report, one of the effects of climate change we can experience in our country is the temperature alteration that can increase the sea level and the strength and regularity of extreme events. This may then decrease agricultural production, cause uncertainty in water resources, increase coastal flooding, collapse ecosystems, and increase health risks. One example that proves this is already happening is the visit of two major hurricanes in the same month (Eta and Iota one year ago). This article from The Washington Post calls it “unheard of”, and they’re right. The Atlantic coast of Nicaragua is still recovering from the damage they left behind.

I want to share with you 5 tips that can turn you into a more eco-friendly citizen. Though they sound small, these green actions will turn you into a more ethical consumer and an example for others to follow which can lead to change on a larger scale.

1. Avoid disposable products. Instead of using single-use plastic containers, start using glass or metal bottles, use cloth napkins, get reusable batteries, and reuse containers you previously bought for new purposes.

2. Get a water filter for your house instead of buying water bottles in bulk. Next, get a metal water bottle and bring it filled with great tasting water every day!

3. Try using shampoo, conditioner, and face wash bars instead of the liquid forms that come in plastic bottles. No more plastic waste there.

4. Buy second-hand items. Or, have you considered donating your old clothes?

5. Get reusable bags for grocery shopping. Say “No, thank you” to the supermarket plastic bags.

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